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It's a new (2019) natural supplement IP-PA1 that binds to the macrophage surface receptor (TLR4) and is capable of activating our immune system which may

assist with skin issues (psoriasis, acne), RA joint pain, stomach inflammation, burns and hair loss. This is not a medicine. It’s a food grade supplement that activates our bodies immune cells, regulates, eliminates and repairs cells and is safe for pets and humans.

It's natural, you drink it morning and night mixed in water, it has a slight blue berry taste. You will receive 3 boxes with 90 sachets in total which is 45 days worth for 1 person consuming 1 sachet morning and night.You may also find your Joint pain-issues decrease as I did, and this is the only natural product I know of to do this for extreme aching pain in my knee where I could not even sleep at night and I have a strong pain tolerance. I didn't even realise the pain had stopped. After a few months, I had the pain eventually come back in my knee, though not as bad, so I consumed another 90 sachets and the pain has never come back. Recently I had 3 degree burns on my legs, the burns have healed completely after applying Myrrh oil which sealed the burns and stopped the infection and drinking this natural supplement which healed the skin. The pain and itching was incredible. Recommended dose for dogs, horses, infants, etc 1 sachet a day. This has also stopped our dog's bad limp on her right leg so we know it helps pets. Some health issues may need a 2nd, 3rd and 4th dose and some won't as each issue is different. But once the condition has been treated, there is no need for ongoing consumption. It's like taking a course of antibiotics. My wife, had pain in her hands and pain in the soles of her feet as she stands a lot for her employment. She drank this supplement and the pain ceased and she no longer needs the supplement after consuming 2 sachets in the morning and 2 at night for 30 days but remember, some people may need more depending on their condition.

This is NOT a fast pain relief or fast overnight miracle cure so one must be patient for results.

One of our friends kept having itchy sores appear over her body, she was treated with creams and tablets but nothing helped. After her 3rd lot of this supplement, her recurring sores have all cleared up.

You will find this supplement which is darker in colour on 3rd party platforms like Amazon, Ebay and others which are illegal, fake, cheap copies that will do nothing for you but waste your money and there is no regulation to stop this fraud from happening with many products which is sad. One man bought it off Amazon as soon as I told him the name to buy it cheaper, it did nothing for his Arthritis. This supplement is available in only 4 countries at the moment but we can send it worldwide.


Australia 1 box x 30 sachets = 78.93 @ 2.63 per sachet x 3 boxes = 236.79 + freight 53.72 = 290.51

It is highly recommended to start with 3 boxes and I will pay for any freight to any country.

See the References and Nobel Prize winning information.

Email me to buy this product at wholesale prices.


Nobel Prize Winning Supplement:


See references here: 

Reference 1  


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Roy Morris




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