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Carole's Irritable Bowel Testimonial

My wife Carole, kept losing weight and was down from 50kg to 44kg, for 10 years she could not eat any food of any kind with wheat, gluten, dairy, etc or any fruits that would not make her bowel upset and make her go to the toilet. She was getting very sick and very weak and the next step was to admit her to hospital.

We came across these natural Ganoderma products with a lot of praying. We know that these products have helped Carole to recover from Irritable Bowel so now we promote them to help others to also return to good health and enjoy food and life once again.

Carole is now once again eating cakes, pastries, dairy, wheat, foods with gluten, salads, nuts, vegetables, fruit and we also now go out to restaurants and cafes without having to find and sit near the toilets first. Carole once again has energy, sleeps peacefully through the night and she is back to 48kg again and our friends say she looks great. She still can't eat too much garlic or lots of hot spices or lettuce (she eats bok choy, spinach and rocket instead of lettuce as lettuce is too hard to digest (unless boiled) but we do also once again go to her favourite ice cream shops and she doesn’t have to run to the toilet with Irritable Bowel any more.

Our son, who is a personal trainer, was having trouble with his bowel with gluten and lactose intolerance.
After many years, he gave up and finally came to us and wanted to try this Ganoderma that had helped his mum to enjoy food once again. He is once again eating and enjoying dairy products and gluten without any problems.

Why Do We Promote These Herbs?

We know these herbs saved Carole from a horrible painful life. This is the only reason we promote them because they helped us  and we have never come across these products again, from anyone, in the last 20 years.



DXN bring you a series of health supplements that are 100% natural and organic cultivated raw materials. No artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings are added to this series of Ganoderma health supplements.

Stringent quality control is incorporated into every aspect of the manufacturing process, resulting in high quality products, which are manufactured in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant plants. In 1999, we were certified compliant with the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for Therapeutic Goods. We are also certified to the International Quality Management System Standards (ISO 9001) and Environmental Management System Standards (ISO 14001) by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance.


Not to be taken with blood thinning medications, otherwise our products are safe to take with all other medication. (Check with your doctor if you are unsure)



The Multiple Medicinal Uses Of Andrographis 
By Connie Strasheim • • November 1, 2017


Andrographis is an herb that comes from an annual shrub that ranges from 1-4 feet in height. It grows mostly in Asia, especially India, Pakistan and Indochina, and has been widely used for hundreds of years throughout Asia, especially China and India, to treat a variety of maladies, including malaria and other parasites, syphilis, bowel problems, liver dysfunction and importantly, other chronic and acute infectious diseases. Only in recent years has andrographis been brought to the West and have researchers begun to discover its amazing potential, especially for managing Lyme disease. In some European countries, it is used to treat colds and flu.
There are 28 species of andrographis, only a few of which are medicinal. Andrographis paniculata is the most potent and widely used, and its use as an antimicrobial agent in Lyme disease may have been first introduced on a large scale to the Lyme disease community when master herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner described it in his 2005 book, Healing Lyme.
Andrographis hasn’t been as widely known as cat’s claw or samento as an anti-borrelia agent, but it may be just as effective and powerful. Steven Buhner even states in Healing Lyme that it is the best primary herb to use in Lyme disease.
In addition to being an anti-spirochetal herb, andrographis also has anti-parasitic properties, enhances immune function, protects the heart, is anti-inflammatory and crosses the blood brain barrier, which enables it to access pathogens in the brain. It also improves the functioning of the liver, which may better enable the liver to remove Lyme-related toxins. In addition, an August 2017 review published in Front Pharmacology revealed that it may have beneficial effects in different components of metabolic syndrome, including diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, and obesity, and other studies show it to have anti-cancer effects. These represent just a few of its properties and uses.
According to Steven Buhner in Healing Lyme, clinical trials and studies have found andrographis to be active against a wide range of parasitical organisms, including plasmodium species (malaria), Leishmaniana (leshmaniasis), filariasis, human roundworm, and leptospirosis. Many people with Lyme disease actually have some of these infections, too, so by treating Borrelia you may also be treating one or more types of parasites in the body. What’s more, it has been found to be effective for eliminating some types of dental infections, including Treponema denticola, which is another type of spirochetal organism.
Interestingly, a study published in September 2017 in CNS Drugs also showed andrographis to have a positive effect upon multiple sclerosis. As Lyme is frequently misdiagnosed as multiple sclerosis, this suggests that the herb may help to mitigate MS-like symptoms in Lyme patients, including poor cognition, coordination issues and nervous system inflammation.
In addition, andrographis supports the heart, circulatory system and liver in a variety of ways. For instance, it has been found in studies to prevent platelet clumping and blood vessel clots, and to stimulate gall bladder function, bile flow, bile acids and salts. It also protects the liver against the damaging effects of environmental toxins.
According to Steven Harrod Buhner in Healing Lyme, in Lyme disease, the herb does all of the following (paraphrased):
1)   Has anti-spirochetal effects (anti-Borrelia)
2)   Is protective and healing for the neurological aspects of Lyme
3)   Is a powerful anti-inflammatory, especially for the nervous system
4)   Can help ameloriate some symptoms of Lyme, including pain, headache, confusion and chronic fatigue
5)   Stimulates the immune system to respond to the infections
6)   Protects the heart and cardiovascular system
7)   Modulates autoimmunity
8)   Acts throughout the body to protect the body against damage from spirochetes, while also killing them and acting as a broadly systemic immune enhancer.
I used andrographis in the early stages of my battle with Lymes and found it to be incredibly powerful. I used it in combination with other herbs, such as cat’s claw, noni and artemisinin, to target all of the infections. For me, herbal remedies were not enough to put Lyme into remission, but I believe that they are a valuable adjunct to any regimen and for some people, they may be sufficient. Indeed, Steven Harrod Buhner’s protocol for Lyme patients has been widely regarded as being both safe and efficacious.
Typical dosages of andrographis may be anywhere from 1-4 400 mg capsules, 3-4 times daily in a preparation standardized to 10% andrographolides. As most herbs and antimicrobial remedies, the dosage should be gradually increased.
Whereas the motto within the Lyme disease community once seemed to be that Herxheimer, or detoxification reactions from treatments were a good thing and a sign that treatments were working, more and more practitioners are giving their patients only enough of an antimicrobial remedy to elicit a mild detoxification reaction. Too strong of reactions can actually worsen patients as symptoms of a Herxheimer indicate that the remedies have created more die-off than the patient’s body was able to handle. The result is that any toxins generated by the detox reaction may end up getting recycled back into the body.  
Side effects may include dizziness, heart palpitations and the occasional allergic reaction. If any of these occur, the dosage of the herb should be reduced or even discontinued, according to your doctor’s recommendations.
Further Reading and References
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Gupta S1, Mishra KP2, Ganju L1. Broad-spectrum antiviral properties of andrographolide. Arch Virol. 2017 Mar;162(3):611-623. doi: 10.1007/s00705-016-3166-3. Epub 2016 Nov 28.
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Buhner, Steven Harrod. 2005. Healing Lyme.  Randolph, VT: Raven Press.

Gandoderma Medicinal Mushrooms Q & A


RG and GL are the same Ganoderma mushroom.

RG is fully-grown at 90 days old, and the spores are crushed into powder and encapsulated. There are 400 active properties in RG.


GL is powdered at 18 days old, because the 2 main active properties are 4 times stronger than at 90 days old.

So by taking both, you get the fullest potential from Ganoderma.

Best results are achieved when taking both.


Q: If I already have low blood pressure, will Ganoderma RG and GL lower it even more?


A: RG GL or Ganoderma is the best cell food the body can have. It balances the cells in the body, so if one has high or low blood pressure, or low or high sugar etc it helps it to return to normal.

This makes it extra easy for anyone to take, as we don't have to know exactly what is the problem in the body, the body itself uses the nutrients in Ganoderma to bring it back to functioning more optimally.


Q: If a person is allergic to mushrooms, how can they take RG and GL Ganoderma and not have a reaction. Is it safe to try RG and GL with any guarantee there won't be a reaction?


A: We have never heard of an allergic reaction to taking RG or GL, which is called fungi.

The person would be allergic to table mushrooms, which are certainly not ganoderma's.

There are around 70,000 different types of mushrooms on the planet.

A person could start on the one GL capsule if they are unsure, and gradually increase the amount.


The GL is 4 times stronger in Organic Germanium than the RG and another nutrient called Lingzhi 8 which is a broad spectrum anti allergen, 

(this can be Googled).

The RG helps the body to detox, and this is often what people think is a bad reaction, when it is just purging.


Once supplied with superior nutrition, it starts its healing responses and the body does need to purge itself of the offending toxins that have been stored.

If people do not understand how the body is capable of healing itself, then they often think there is a negative reaction happening, when it is actually repairing.

Normal reaction is some reflux, and pimples may appear as you detox.


Coffee tastes great, and also contains Ganoderma; so it is Nutritional Coffee.  Many people get health benefits from drinking our coffee.


Ganoderma toothpaste (called Ganozhi) contains high quality Ganoderma extract, food gel (sodium alginate derived from seaweed) and menthol (for flavour). It does NOT contain aspartame, saccharin or colouring.

It effectively cleans your teeth, plus provides many nutrients to your gums for a healthier smile, leaving a long lasting, pleasant fresh taste in your mouth.

Ganozhi has many uses as a topical paste as well. Great to use on burns, bites, stings, scratches, pimples and cuts for relief, because the Ganoderma is adding superior nutrition directly into the cells your are rubbing it onto.

NOTE:  Carole had been applying Ganoderma toothpaste to her Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) cancer spot on her face for approximately 5 weeks and has killed the cancer.

She went back to the doctor to get it seen to, and it was gone. The doctor just said keep doing what ever it is you are doing.


I too have been putting the same Ganoderma toothpaste onto a mole on my right cheek, which was getting darker and bigger, and after around 6 weeks to my amazement it had vanished, I too, was going to see the doctor to have it checked and removed.


I had a lump growing on my right eyelid; it was getting bigger and painful to touch. I was going to make an appointment for the doctor but instead applied the Ganoderma toothpaste on it every night just before bed. After around 2 weeks, the lump has completely gone with no use of doctor medications. Amazing.


Ganozhi Organic Herbal Toothpaste, contains only high quality Ganoderma Lucidum Extract, Tea-Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, Cinnamon, Clove and Sea Salt. It is alternative toothpaste for those wishing to go fully herbal with their oral hygiene, or for those who can't tolerate Mint.


Ganozhi Toothpaste 100% fluoride free, no saccharin and no artificial colouring. It contains high quality Ganoderma, food gel and menthol. It leaves a pleasant feeling in your mouth after using it.


Buy Ganoderma Mushrooms Here

Ganoderma Mushroom

Ganoderma is a type of mushroom known in the Far East for thousands of years for its effectiveness in helping the body recover from a broad range of maladies. One of the most remarkable of these documents is a recorded list of the greatest herbs of all time, by Seng-Nung, dated to B.C.2838. In this book, The Four-Canons of Seng-Nung, he recorded Reishi or Lingzhi as the most valuable herb followed by Ginseng.


Ganoderma is a traditional tonic used to nourish, tonify, and supplement the whole body, as the body removes toxins and disperses accumulation. It may help calm and nourish the nervous system, strengthen the lungs

(good for asthma sufferers), protect and stimulate the liver, and may also help the body adapt to stress.


Ganoderma is rich in active organic compounds – between 200 and 400 of them – which are still being studied for their positive effects on the immune system and is in a class of potential immune system regulators and adaptogens that include Astragalus, Schizandra, Codonopsis and Ginseng.


Ganoderma contains a veritable pharmacy of substances including organic germanium, polysaccharides, glycosides, sterols, polypeptides, amino acids, ascorbic acid, lipids, alkaloids, a glucose, a coumarin, glycoside, riboflavin, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Beta-D-Glucan is a type of polysaccharide believed to be responsible for many of the immune regulating effects of Ganoderma, including enhancing production of antibodies, T- cells, and macrophages.


Ganoderma may help restore immune system function after viral, bacterial

and fungal infections, as well as during chemotherapy, radiotherapy,

immunodeficiency disorder.


It may promote cell regeneration and help with recovery from stress, and

enhance vitality, an may increase blood oxygen creating a feeling of well being.


Ganoderma may be taken long-term without fear of developing a tolerance to its effects. In fact, during protracted illness, Ganoderma is a superb complementary food if used with conventional therapy. It provides

essential support to the body and facilitates better outcomes. It may be used to help in the treatment of recurrent colds and flu, asthma, blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome, HIV/AIDS, bronchitis and hepatitis.

It may help rejuvenate cells.

Japanese medical research has confirmed that Germanium has positive benefits.


The 6 most effective species of the Ganoderma family are freeze-dried and supplied in capsules. These are produced at a concentration of 20:1 as the cold-drying procedure and removal of fibre takes 20 kilos of fresh

mushroom to result in 1 kilo of pure Ganoderma powder. This, and the      200-plus organic essential nutrients added to the growing medium, result in a product which we believe to be far more effective than other typical

Ganoderma products on the market to day, and are priced to be affordable for everyone.


This product is licensed by Therapeutic Goods Administration Australia

L1 00084, L100086.


It is also available in other products including an all-purpose toothpaste,

a delicious healthy coffee, soap( non-animal content), body wash, shampoo, massage oil, and herbal tea. A useful range of companion products including

spirulina, aloe vera, tea-tree, and roselle are also available.

Ganoderma does not cure anything. lt provides a range of nutrients, in a mixture which is unique to Ganoderma, which may assist the natural healing

power of the human body.



Buy Gandoderma Mushrooms Here

Directions & Prices for DXN Andro-G 

Detox first with Andro-G, cleansing the gastrointestinal tract of viral and fungal infections, yeast, parasites and clogged fecal matter.


Andro G Detox Directions

This treatment is for the Digestive Tract, which is usually found to be blocked and preventing proper absorption of nutrients from the ingested foods. Also use this for diagnosed digestive tract diseases IBS, Candida, Lactose intolerance.


No. 1 - Removes Yeast, viral infections, bad bacteria, parasites, packed Fecal matter in the villi.

(Recommended Dose 6 Andro-G per day, for 10 days.)

2 capsules in the morning, 2 at lunch and 2 at night for 10 days.


No.2 - After the 10-day Detox with Andro-G, keep taking the recommended 2 Andro-G capsules in the morning and 2 at night to maintain your health.

Andro-G can be taken with or without food and some reflux may occur.

If you find the reflux is too much for you on these herbs, take a teaspoon of bicarb soda diluted in a shot or small cup boiling hot water, stir until dissolved and drink when its cooled down. Buy this bicarb from the health food shop to make sure it has no aluminium in it.


Andro-G 30 capsule Price:

x 2 small bottles code: HF010 @ $14.80ea(au) =$29.60+$7.70 post =$37.30 with 30 capsules in each bottle

or 1 large bottle code: HF009 @ $40.80(au) +$7.70 post =$48.50 with 90 capsules in a bottle.

All deliveries are $7.70 for Australia and free delivery for any orders over $500.00


Do not take Andro-G if you are pregnant or trying to fall pregnant or if you are taking any blood thinning medications.

Directions & Prices for DXN RG and GL Ganoderma

You can start the Ganoderma RG and GL capsules straight away after the 10 day Andro-G Detox.

(1 capsule from each bottle of RG and GL are called a pair, as they work together).

WEEK 1 & 2

Take x1 RG & x1 GL (that is one capsule out of each bottle) for 2 weeks with food in the mornings.

We start on a small amount of Ganoderma to get our bodies used to Ganoderma. Some reflux is normal.



Increase to x1 RG and x1 GL capsules (one capsule out of each bottle) at night with dinner

So you will be taking x1 RG and x1 GL in the morning and at night.



Then on the 4th week, increase to x2 RG & x2 GL in the morning and still take x1 RG and x1 GL at night.



On the 5th week, and there after, take x 2 RG and x 2 GL morning and night.

(So you will be taking a total of 2 capsules out of each bottle in the morning and at night).

If you feel itchy or dizzy or get a rash, then reduce back to week one to give your body time to adjust to the new nutrients.


It doesn’t matter what time you take them or how far apart as long as you take them morning and night.


Please do not take the RG and GL if you know you are allergic to mushrooms. Check with your doctor if you are unsure.


Ganoderma Price in Australian Dollar:

RG code: HF002 x 1 with 30 capsules @ $17.00 +

GL code: HF004 x 1 with 30 capsules @ $17.00 = $34.00 + $7.70 post = $41.70

Bottles of 90 capsules of RG and GL are also available @ $47.60 each, with $7.70 postage.

If you buy the three herbs together you will only pay $7.70 postage the once.


All prices are a guide only and are subject to change


DXN is Certified Organic and holds all the major certificates for Quality Assurance for Harvesting and Environmental Management in Manufacturing and Processing.

It has Loyd's ISO certificates, GMP and Halal certificates, DXN Ganoderma is listed on the Australian Therapeutic Goods Register. (Ganocelium ARTG L10084, Reishi Gano ARTG L10086)


Please Note: This is not a quick fix or an over night miracle cure, as every human body is different, it may take around 4 to 6 months to notice any change in you, as your body is adjusting to the new superior nutrients. Be patient!


How To Order DXN Products:

Go to our website and have a look around the site. Then at the top right of the page click on BECOME A DISTRIBUTOR. You do not need to become a distributor and on sell, this is the only way to become a wholesale customer and not pay retail prices.

Click at the bottom of the page on the blue tab I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND.

You do not need to buy any kits even though it says to. Just go a head and purchase the products as mentioned above once you have received your welcome letter and logged back in to the website for the first time.

The beneficiary or next of kin in the sign up (which you don’t have to fill in) is because your products that you buy, accumulate points, and after time you will start receiving cash back from your own personal use and any body else you desire to share these products with which is why they will eventually need your bank details or next of kin in case anything happens to you.


Why do we recommend that you register?

This is so you don't have to rely on us to order for you if you require products.

There is no obligation to do anything or even to stay registered once you have registered, if your registration is dormant after one year it will be deleted.


DXN products are mainly bought online as health shops don't supply them.

Note: This information is not intended to be medical advice and may assist in your well-being.

Ganoderma does not cure anything; it simply gives your body the natural nutrients your body needs to maintain your health that you will not find in foods.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to be medical advice and may assist in your well-being.



Roy and Carole Morris 

(My Sponsor I.D. 105017752)

Mobile: 0419173299 Australia



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