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Aulora Pants with Kodenshi® with Japanese Ergonomics Technology
Health benefits: may increase energy, promotes blood circulation from the legs upwards back to the heart, may help with water retention, may help to align the pelvis, may decrease varicose veins, may assist with joint pain, no special diet, no special exercises, no special supplements just Aulora Pants with a special Far Infrared fibre from Japan.
Bought only through us online from BE International. Let me know your waist and hip measurements on the last page in the PDF for the price.
Aloura Pants with Kodenshi® special fibre from Japan is 88.4% nylon Kodenshi Optoelectronics fibre and 11.6% polyurethane.
Watch the videos to learn how this technology works from the fibres activated by body heat.
The pants absorb the body temperature so you don’t feel the heat.

 Video Of Aulora Pants  

What Are Aulora Pants Video


Aulora Pants.jpg

Kate Low Testimonial:

My father had a fall several years ago but last year and he's been experiencing severe back pain due the fall (burning pain due to damaged nerve). The pain is unbearable from his lower back to the leg (nerve pull) and it really hurts until he has to bend his body to walk and develop hunchback. Doctor found out his spine L4/L5 was causing the severe pain.

After 9 days wearing Aulorapants, the back pain reduced, he straightened his back and can walk normally without having to bend his body anymore.

After 1 year, he can walk normally without a walking stick. Watch the video below.

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