Ticks Fleas Mosquitos Spray For Dogs

We recommend this spray for ticks, fleas, mosquitos. The oils are  natural, safe, effective and are also used for humans as a bug repellent for the outdoors.
15 drops of Terraarmour (Australia) OR 15 drops of Terrasheild (USA) 15 drops of Lemongrass, 15 drops of Cedarwood, 15 drops of Geranium oil in 16 oz amber glass spray bottle with a teaspoon of Fractionated coconut oil topped up with water apply morning and night and shake well before use each time.
I know its time consuming doing this daily, but think of it as putting on the dogs hair spray before they go out and their bodies are not being poisoned with chemicals.

TerraArmour 15ml (Available for Australia & NZ)

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Wholesale $15.00

Retail $20.00 AUD

Mosquito-borne heartworm Dirofilaria immitis in dogs from Australia - why chemicals are NOT needed on your dog for heartworm


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TerraSheild 15ml (Available For USA)

Code 31700001

Wholesale $10.50

Retail $14.00 USAU


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