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Found these 2 in my car seat cover_edite

Bug Spray For Dogs

Have you thought about applying this natural effective topical spray for ticks, fleas, mosquitos? The oils are natural, safe, effective and are also applied to humans as a bug repellent for the outdoors.

Amber glass (never plastic) 16 oz spray bottle. Add 15 drops of Terra Armour (Australia) OR 15 drops of Terrasheild (USA) 15 drops of Lemongrass, 15 drops of Cedarwood, 15 drops of Geranium, 15 drops in 16 oz amber glass spray bottle with a teaspoon of Fractionated coconut oil topped up with water apply morning and night and shake well before use each time.

I know it's time consuming doing this daily for dogs, but think of it as putting on the dogs hair spray before they go out and their bodies are not being poisoned with any chemicals.


Spices like cinnamon contain chemicals that repel insects. When used as a lawn treatment, cinnamon oil repels ticks because it contains a natural chemical called eugenol. This chemical is fast acting, killing ticks on contact. It is also effective for repelling and eliminating other common garden pests such as fleas, spiders, aphids, flies and ants. Most local garden centres offer yard sprays and treatment that contain cinnamon oil as an active ingredient.


Applying Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil is a highly concentrated essential oil that kills ticks on contact by smothering them. Multiple applications of cinnamon oil may be necessary to eliminate a serious tick problem. Apply cinnamon oil each growing season to fully eliminate ticks. You can purchase cinnamon oil and mix one ounce of water with 80 drops of oil per 400 square feet of lawn. Put the mixture in a bottle that attaches to your hose sprayer and liberally spray your lawn with this mixture. For further natural pesticide benefits, you can use neem oil instead of water in this mixture.


While cinnamon oil is a safe, non-toxic choice for tick control in your yards, always use caution when working with or mixing this product. In some cases, humans and pets who come in contact with cinnamon oil experience contact dermatitis. Ensure that your lawn is properly hydrated and not under water stress before applying cinnamon oil, to avoid damage to your turf. The best way to keep ticks away from your yard and landscape is to practice good cultural care. Keep your lawn and plants tidy and trim to reduce shade and excess moisture, which commonly attract pests.

It is not recommended to apply to your body or your pets body any purchased essential oils from the $1 shop or Amazon as these are cheap fake copies with big brand names on them, you can read the customer reviews on Amazon regarding this.

Contact me for the essential oils we trust for purity to ingest and for topical applications for humans and pets.

I will guide you to activate a wholesale account with great incentives or if you are uncomfortable doing this, I can order them for you (Australia & NZ only)  

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