Achillea millefolium and Punica granatum

doTERRA Yarrow|Pom delivers the topical and internal benefits of blue yarrow essential oil in a base of antioxidant-rich pomegranate seed oil.* This nutritive duo is beautifying to the skin and offers many benefits when taken internally.


  • Add a few drops to Fractionated Coconut oil for a soothing massage.

  • Add to a skin cleanser to promote clear-looking skin.

  • Take two drops internally to support cellular and nervous system health.*

  • Add a few drops to water or tea for antioxidant support and to promote healthy immune function.*


Yarrow essential oil is has a sweet, herbaceous, and slightly floral aroma that is used to soothe stress and uplift the mind. Yarrow|Pom is a nourishing combination of Yarrow essential oil and Pomegranate seed oil. Suitable for internal and topical use, Yarrow|Pom is a precise blend that works synergistically and maximizes the benefits of this powerful oil. When taken internally, Yarrow|Pom is a powerful support for healthy immune function, cellular health, metabolism, and nervous system.*

Native to Europe, Asia, and North America, the yarrow plant is an aromatic herb in the daisy family. Yarrow has fern-like leaves and delicate, tiny flowers that bloom in clusters. Historically, yarrow was used to soothe the skin, beautify the hair, relax the body, and calm the mind. It is a lesser-known essential oil due to its vivid blue color, which can stain skin and clothing if applied undiluted. Additionally, yarrow tea has traditionally been used to promote gastrointestinal health.*

Yarrow|Pom offers many benefits to the skin. This active botanical revitalizes aging skin when applied topically. Taken internally it may help to activate skin-protecting proteins that inhibit elasticity breakdown and promote collagen production.* It can be added to your skin cleanser or applied directly to promote the look of healthy, clean, and clear skin. Thanks to its skin smoothing and emollient qualities, this essential oil makes an excellent addition to massage oil, hair treatments, facial cleanser, and skincare preparations. To soothe tension, add a few drops to your favorite carrier oil to help create a soothing massage experience.

Yarrow has multiple benefits when taken internally. Yarrow|Pom helps promote healthy cellular function and inflammatory response at the source.*It also helps support nervous system function and rejuvenation.* Research suggests that several of the chemical components of Yarrow essential oil may provide antioxidant support when taken internally.*

Chamazulene, which gives Yarrow oil its brilliant blue color, is recognized for its soothing properties and ability to promote healthy immune function.* Beta-pinene, another component of Yarrow essential oil, has been researched for its ability to help improve mood when taken internally.* To take Yarrow internally, add 1 to 2 drops of Yarrow|Pom to water or tea.

Yarrow|Pom combines well with Lavender, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Roman Chamomile, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Clary Sage, and Cedarwood. Also, be aware that Yarrow may stain surfaces and fabrics.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Dr. Hill and Emily Wright Discuss Benefits of doTERRA®'s Yarrow | Pom Essential Oil

Yarrow Pom Benefits


Have you heard about doTERRA’s new ground-breaking product, Yarrow | Pom Active Botanical Nutritive Duo? There’s a lot in that name so let me break to down for you.

In a word: comprehensive.

This blend is made of the essential oil of Yarrow and the cold-pressed oil of the Pomegranate seed. 
It is innovative because it combines the volatile components of an essential oil with the nutritive component of a whole food. doTERRA has created an entirely new delivery system to address our vitality on the inside and our appearance on the outside. This is an efficient and powerful way to address the factors of aging and overall wellness.

The science behind the scenes is fascinating and could be a lecture at any medical research university in the country. Did you know that the normal functions of our body that provide protection, such as inflammation to repair damaged tissue, can become out of balance and unhealthy? There are many systems, transmitters, and pathways that keep our body communicating; to keep things in check. Essential oils can impact those processes, helping the communication go smoothly; creating balance, known as homeostasis. This is where our body wants to be, both physically and emotionally. It is the natural state of health. Yarrow and Pomegranate have a special, complex synergy that allows our cells to receive the information it needs to function properly. 

Like I said, the benefits are comprehensive, from the inside out.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the oil is blue. Blue = Antioxidants.
And I love it! It comes from the component called Chamazulene, which delivers a higher antioxidant capacity than either Vitamin C or E. Antioxidants help our cells repair damage and get rid of what needs to go. They are restorative to our blood and protective. We need antioxidants in critical levels and you can see by the blue color that this blend is rich. Who knew chemistry could be so pretty while being so powerful?

The next thing you’ll experience is that life is easier.
Sleeping better, eating properly, feeling joy, and clearer thinking are just a few of the shifts you’ll see. That’s because the Beta-Pinene component improves the regulation of cognitive processes- sleep and arousal, learning and memory, appetite and feeling full, motivation and pleasure. As we age, maintaining these elements is so important. I don’t want to lose my enthusiasm and memory while gaining weight over the coming years. It can be tempting to let these little things go because it feels like such an effort to maintain. This complex means we don’t have to sacrifice anything.

Cardiovascular and Metabolic systems are also supported.
You’ll want to use this blend to promote healthy:


heart tissue and function

body chemistry (balanced fat cells, hormones and insulin)

It also helps maintain an already healthy blood pressure.

Yarrow, in particular, assists our critical organs in functioning normally through enhanced circulation, metabolism, and digestion.

Another important feature of this blend is BetaCaroPhyllene, which provides the same benefits as other cannibinoids. 
The difference is that there are no psychotropic effects. In other words, you won’t be tripping while you get your health on.

To summarize the benefits of Yarrow |Pom:
powerful antioxidant support

promotes cellular, immune, and nervous system health

promotes healthy metabolic function

soothing to skin

calming to mind and body

anti-aging factors to restore youthful-looking skin

can help maintain blood pressure already in the normal range

So how do you use this powerful blend?
It’s simple:

1-2 drops 2x/day in a capsule or under the tongue.

Apply topically to soothe skin. Use with Frankincense and Sandalwood to kick it up a notch. I like to add a drop of oil to my moisturizer so I get even coverage over my face and neck. It’s also great for spot-treating blemishes.

I keep my routine easy by storing my Yarrow | Pom next to my moisturizer on my bathroom sink. In the morning and at night, I put two drops under my tongue then a drop in my moisturizer. Feeling good on the inside and liking what I see on the outside in one fell swoop!

Note: doTERRA’s Yarrow does not contain thujone, which is a harmful neurotoxin. Other brands, however, do contain thujone and are unsafe for internal consumption. If you want the benefits of using Yarrow internally, doTERRA provides the only safe product to use.

From doTERRA’s science team: 
"This nutritive duo naturally up-regulates the body's protective transcription factors while activating skin-protecting proteins, 
inhibiting the enzymes that breakdown elasticity + collagen"  (aka aging).  

In other words ...

1️⃣  S K I N: 
I'm sure this doesn't surprise you, but I will not be the friend that attends the next neighbourhood botulinum neurotoxin (aka botox) party 😘

I will however be the friend that teaches you about how to have the natural radiance + glow that will be the talk of the botox party 👊

I'm going to give you my exact face approach here since I'm asked quite a bit: 

👉 First cleanse your face with doTERRA Verage cleanser. Spray the toner on. Then roll a 0.5mm micro tool a few times over your cheeks + forehead. (see the HOL:FIT healthy skin shop)

👉 Then add 2 drops YP to the Verage serum (or just fractionated coco oil) and massage into face, neck + backs of hands daily. 

👉 For dark circles or bags under the eyes: apply directly and you'll notice an instant change within a few minutes!

👉 Use it direct on age spots and areas you want to see more plumping. 

👉 It's also brilliant on really dry skin/issues because the CLA in the pomegranate seed oil combined with the yarrow lubricates, seals + promotes collagen production. 

Note - you'll notice that this oil is a beautiful blue hue from the constituent chamazulene, which is a fantastic source of BCP (also high in Copaiba)

2️⃣  H O R M O N E S + W E I G H T L O S S:
This has been a surprising one for a lot of women who have been holding on to weight in areas likely due to hormonal imbalance. The CLA in the pom oil is high in Omega 5 and one of the most potent antioxidants known to modern science. CLA has a major role in lipid metabolism and Yarrow supports healthy hormone production. So this is a powerful duo! 

👉 Take 1 drop on the tongue at night for 2 weeks and then increase to 2 drops. Here's why I suggest you start slow with this oil internally. Or you can add the drops to an inch of water in a glass (never plastic) with any other oils like Frankincense, OnGuard, Copaiba 1st then add the Yarrow Pom last as it tends to stick to the sides of the glass. Refill the glass and drink any residue. Or you can take all he oils together in a vegan capsule.

3️⃣  E M O T I O N S:
This oil is going to turn the taps on for you. It's going to be a conduit for processing + dealing with some of the deeper emotions you've been holding onto in your body for a long time. You will most experience this if you take this oil internally. 

This is a heads up + also a green light if you are interested in awakening parts of you that in the past you needed to tuck away. This oil will activate cognitive processes, emotions and memory recall.

We bring our whole selves to our interactions + experiences each day. And this oil can be a beautiful support tool as you cleanse, process and allow the emotions that have been buried to move through you and transform you. To tune into your human being-ness ahead of your doing-ness.

Wild right? 
How nature is this powerful?! 
Of course she is. 
There is a level of perfection + synergy within nature that humans will never be able to replicate in a lab. 
This is why you see a wave of vitality across the doTERRA collective. (Not hype)

If glowing skin is your goal, I have the perfect collection for you! 

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