It's new since 2019, it's natural, it's Nobel Prize winning, you drink it morning and night mixed in water, when you buy it from us we will pay the freight as our free gift to you anywhere in the world, this gift is exclusive to us. You will need 3 boxes which is 3 months worth for 1 person to save on freight and also it takes that long to work healing through your body. Some people may need a second lot and some won't. You may also find your Arthritis decrease as this is the only natural product I know of to do this. The lady that drank this supplement for her fingers no longer needs the supplement after consuming it for 3 months but remember, some people may need 6 months or more depending on their condition.
You will not find this on Amazon. It is available in only 3 countries at the moment so we will send it to you world wide.
This is not a medicine. It’s a food grade supplement that activates our bodies immune cells, regulates, eliminates and repairs cells.

healing your body the natural way